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Mentors can help guide toward clearer business & career decisions

As business and career decisions become more complex with overlapping regulations, requirements and challenges, seek wisdom and guidance from several mentors. Author Minda Zetlin illustrates in this Inc Magazine article Why the Smartest Entrepreneurs Have Multiple Mentors. Her recommendations include: 1. Find a mentor for each area of expertise you...

Superfood chocolate introduced by Seattle Chocolate Co

New bar by Seattle Chocolate features CoffeeFlour, which converts coffee fruit pulp into a nutrient-rich ingredient. The inclusion of CoffeeFlour enhances the new jcoco chocolate bar with a berry-forward flavor balanced with jcoco’s signature dark chocolate, and marks another delicious first for the company as the only chocolate confectioner in...

Apply for an Allured Fund grant. Build your job skills.

Improve your knowledge of food science and confectionery manufacturing through attending practical training or an educational conference this year. The Allured Fund for Confectionery Education provides need-based financial help for industry members who wish to expand their food-science knowledge or confectionery skills through approved continuing education programs. Due dates are...