Texting vs picking up the phone. A look at asynchronous communication

During the Next Generation program Business Communications lunch at Sweets & Snacks Expo, YPN Panelists Tom Scott (Catty Corp), Elizabeth Clair (Barry Callebaut), Tessa Porter (Glanbia), and Nick Baty (Mars, Inc) advised our college student audience to pick up the phone and invest in building relationships with team members across their offices, companies and industry.

Texting and email enables multi-tasking. Are you really advancing your projects while texting from the backseat of an Uber or emailing your co-worker across the hall? Do we actually get more work accomplished with asynchronous communication or does the sound of your voice convey more meaning and create other opportunities? Allen Gannett’s article in Fast Company Magazine What happened when I replied Call Me to every email I got for a week explores these questions. Our YPN Panelists would agree. To learn more and get to a decision faster, have a phone or face-to-face conversation, in other words… IRL.