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Each year The Confectionery Foundation’s NextGen Program introduces 100 students and faculty to the great people, companies, careers and brands in our industry through mentor-guided tours, lunch with YPN panel discussion, career fair and networking reception. We thank the many donors who contribute their time and sponsor this important immersion day. Attracting new talent into our industry is vital for a strong, creative and healthy industry of the future.

History of the Rockaway Disaster Relief Fund: The Confectionery Foundation established The Rockaway Disaster Relief Fund to help the New York community devastated by Super Storm Sandy in October 2012. We thank the many members of the American confectionery industry and friends of Rockaway who immediately stepped forward with talent, equipment and funds. Under the Guidance of Madelaine Chocolate’s President Jorge Farber, we helped the St. Francis de Sales Parish and Belle Harbor Jewish Center. Both local community organizations provided shelter, food and clothing immediately after the hurricane and continued long after the flood waters receded.