“THANK YOU… I was privileged to be invited to be your guest at the Sweets and Snacks Expo. This was my first time ever attending this event! What an exceptional convention. It was really fun to see and meet vendors who were launching new products at the event. It’s exciting to see some products before they even hit distribution.”

-Student Guest last year

Would you like to learn more about American confectionery manufacturing and The Confectionery Foundation’s educational programs?

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I am 21 years old or olderI am younger than 21I am a FIRST Robotics alumni or registered Mentor

I want to take my family and friends to shop at confectionery factory outlets and see American manufacturing.

I am a student and want to learn more about American chocolate and candy manufacturing.

NextGen Invite Code. Registration for our NextGen class at Sweets & Snacks in May 2018 will open February 15, 2018. Application includes resume, interview, letter of reference.

I would like to buy local confections near my home or regional treats on a trip this year.

I am training in Culinary Arts or Hospitality and want to learn about confectionery careers.

I am studying marketing and interested in sales and/or marketing.

I am an artist or graphic designer interested in creating food packaging.

I am studying food science, chemistry or math and am interested in a career inventing foods or flavors as a food scientist.

I build robots and am studying mechanical or computer engineering.

I am interested in facilities engineering and working with computer equipment in manufacturing.

I am a teacher or administrator and want to teach about American food manufacturing, packaging, and supply chain.

I am wondering if my favorite childhood candy is still made.

Could an expert from a confectionery company come speak to my middle school or high school?

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