Cocoa Sustainability

Traits of Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Did you know that the world’s cocoa is grown on small family farms located around the equator? Many of those family farms are run by the mothers in those families. There are key traits for successful entrepreneurs. Optimism, integrity and hard work come to mind. Read Anita Newton’s article about...
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How long have we enjoyed chocolate in North America?

Atleast 1,200 years according to researchers at Canyonlands National Park. Discoveries of bowls in Utah and Colorado contain the oldest traces of cacao found in North America. Artifacts at Mesoamerican excavation sites have long shown chocolate enjoyment for almost 4,000 years. Since cacao grows in low altitude regions 20 degrees...
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Make your travel arrangements for Western Candy Conference

Aloha! 2015 marks the 82nd meeting of The Western Candy Conference and next March this convention will be held in Maui. This business-building convention brings together excellent speakers and members to learn, engage in one-on-one business conversations and stay current on industry topics. Click to learn more and register...
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