Mentors can help guide toward clearer business & career decisions

As business and career decisions become more complex with overlapping regulations, requirements and challenges, seek wisdom and guidance from several mentors.

Author Minda Zetlin illustrates in this Inc Magazine article Why the Smartest Entrepreneurs Have Multiple Mentors. Her recommendations include:

1. Find a mentor for each area of expertise you need to run your company;

2. Seek out potential mentors who’ve already signaled their willingness to mentor;

3. Be wary of mentors who request compensation;

4. Give potential mentors a quick test drive;

5. Look for mentors who contradict each other;

6. Ask for a finite time commitment;

7. Stay in touch.

Read another view on managing your career decisions in this Bloomberg article The Brilliantly Manipulative Co-Worker Who Derailed My Career Bottom line: maintain strong communications and allow time to think through decisions.